New Screenshots & Art: The Latest Eye Candy from Batman: Arkham Knight

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Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment unveiled new screenshots and art from Batman: Arkham Knight.  Browse on to see the new, driveable Batmobile in all it's glory, as well as the designs for our brand new Batman villain, Arkham Knight. 

Gordon, the Bat Signal, and a rainy rooftop. It doesn't get more classic than that. 

Rocksteady Studios has added a new, driveable Batmobile, and there are claims that Arkham will be 5 times bigger than the playable areas we saw in previous installments of the series. Gamers seem hesitantly positive, harboring hopes that the new expanded Arkham will maintain the depth that earlier settings in the series capitalized on so well. 

Here's hoping the city's playable content is as excellent as it's visuals. If so, we're in for a great ride. 

Arkham Knight sports serious body armor and a high tech helmet that would make Daft Punk proud. What do you think of his design?

Seems friendly enough. Also, does it ever stop raining? 

A little bit Terminator, a little bit Batman, Arkham Knight will be the primary protagonist for the final installment of Batman: Arkham alongside old favorites like Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn.

Published Mar. 27th 2014

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