Dragon Ball Fusions Trailer - Highlights

The Dragon Ball universe meets Pokemon levelling system, with a new game mechanic as well!

The new Dragon Ball Fusions game for Nintendo 3DS has a launch date of August 4 in Japan, and an action-packed trailer has hit the internet. One problem for many of us - it's only in Japanese. We traveled far and wide to bring you the details and are pleased to give you the following kernels of wisdom from the Far East.

What's new?

This is the first Dragon Ball game that involves gathering and leveling up. All the familiar Dragon Ball characters from the entire series will appear in this game, while some brand-new characters will make their appearance. A new game mechanic called EXFusion is introduced as well.

What's the story?

Your character (the hero) will be named and customized by you. You can choose one of five races, from Earthling to Saiyan to Namekian to a few untranslatable ones. At the start of the game you learn of an evil presence who calls himself Penigi. To prepare to face him you must travel throughout the Fusion Dragon World (all the familiar towns and settings from the anime series) and gather a team of super warriors. These sidekicks will only join you if you can first defeat them in battle. 

Why is the game called Fusions?

The key feature in Dragon Ball Fusions is the ability to merge two characters into one superpowered DB force. The video hints that only fighters with similar traits can be fused, but does not go into more detail.

How can I get this game?

If you have 5700 yen (about $50 USD) and a friend in Japan it can be yours. Hopefully we will see a North American release.


Published May. 29th 2016

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