Pokken Tournament gets two new fighters, hype train remains strong

Everyone's favorite winged fire-breather just joined the Pokkén Tournament roster.

Tekken and Pokémon's crossover project Pokkén carries an insane amount of hype, and it's almost finally time for everyone's favorite pocket monsters to duke it out in realtime. The new trailer above confirms that the game is to hit Japanese arcades this month, but that wasn't today's only reveal.

New fighters!

Charizard is all fired up and ready to go! The Smash veteran makes its Pokkén debut with an arsenal of fire, flying, and dragon type moves. Confirmed to be a Power character, Charizard's playstyle showcases its talent for tossing enemies around like cheap playthings. Upon activating its burst attack, the ever-stylish Charizard X takes the stage – never seen in public without that dazzling blue scarf.

Weavile also wants a cut of the action. A Speed character, Weavile keeps its enemies on their toes with its fancy footwork and razor-sharp claws. With an assortment of ice and dark type moves at its disposal, the feisty littly bugger is sure to make quick work of any who fail to keep up.

These two Pokémon bring Pokkén Tournament's revealed roster up to a total of eight, joining the likes of Suicune and Gengar in the series' first ever exclusive brawler. The game is set to roll out in Japanese arcades later this month – July 16th, 2015!

Are there any other Pokémon you're hoping to see in Pokkén Tournament? Feel free to share your picks in the comments below!


Half man. Half fro. Half legend.

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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • TheBlaksamuraiX
    I know it could be a stretch, but I would love to see Typhlosion. I think he could come in with some very good mix-ups. Could you imagine flame wheel into an Eruption? Swift?? Plus it'd be a cool way to reveal a new Mega Evolution for him...but I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • KungFro
    Typhlosion is actually my favorite fully evolved fire starter. I too have been hoping for its inclusion, but Charizard's fanbase completely overwhelms that possibility. I really like your thought process as far as its combat would go – I do however agree that the mega evolution bit is a stretch (unfortunately).

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