The Best Way to Quit Flappy Bird? Meet Squishy Bird

The tables have turned on Flappy with Squishy Bird! Squash him into the pipes you most definitely DID NOT touch!

Flappy Bird caught most of the world by surprise and has dominated the download charts for Android and iOS apps. With over $50,000-per-day in revenue and hundreds of thousands of downloads, the app with the yellow and orange bird certainly proved that there is a place for mobile games in the video game industry. 

Squish Flappy with this all new online game!

Still frustrated and annoyed about not getting past the single digits pipes? You will be happy to hear that a new game has come to save you from the madness--or rather push you into a new kind of madness. 

This online parody game's, called Squishy Bird, sole purpose is to squish Flappy as he is going through the pipe. A bunch of different Flappy characters enter the screen from the left and you are off to one-click paradise as you bring the pipes down on them.

Once you start the game, it's on! Flappy will fly onto your screen and you will have to crush him under the pipe over and over. If you miss, he flings backwards and comes through the pipe even faster and starts blinking red, but as long as you don't let any of the birds get past your pipe then the game will continue; if not, you lose. 

Not as kid friendly, but not too violent.

Definitely a more violent twist to the kid friendly app, the online version does have a little-bit of red "blood," so fair warning to those of you with kids who play the app.

You can find Squishy Bird for free online at and you'll easily get past those single digits high scores, and who knows, you might even feel liberated!

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Published Feb. 7th 2014

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