Vergil Looking Slick in DmC: Devil May Cry

Vergil looks good in the trailers for his DLC, exactly like most of us expected.

If there's one thing we can generally count on in the modern day it's that the large budget titles that come out, particularly in franchises known for their smooth animation, will look really good.  Now that we're starting to see some gameplay footage of Vergil from the upcoming DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry, it's clear that he's continuing that trend.

He's got moves.

For the most part he seems to keep to his more dedicated swordmaster style fighting, as opposed to Donte's more general, less weapon-specific fighting talents.  There are some familiar techniques in his repertoire as well as the same kind of confidence and fluidity that we've come to expect from the franchise itself.

Aside from the controversies about the game itself, my primary concern regarding the trailers for Vergil's Devil May Cry DLC revolve primarily around the actual sales pitch claims made during many of them.  Talking about leaderboards and "hour" of new gameplay sounds nice, but also extremely non-specific.  I, at least, prefer to know how much time I'm buying with my DLC.

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Published Dec. 28th 2012

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