What does Bethesda need to do to make Fallout 4 perfect?

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Don’t Forget Your Roots

Since the release of Fallout 3, we have seen the release of Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, and Divinty: Original Sin. All three of these titles were funded on Kickstarter by fans; all three are made in the vein of the classic CRPGs of old; and all three have been met with a positive reception from critics and players alike.

Contrary to the mindset of the AAA publishing world, there is very much a market for an RPG that challenges the player in gameplay and doesn’t feature a Hollywood voice cast.

Bethesda could incorporate aspects of the CRPG experience like the additional, optional difficulties of New Vegas without eliminating the mainstream appeal of their games. Wasteland 2 featured a harsh world where everyday survival was a bitter battle day in and day out which fits given the game’s bleak tone and setting. Fallout 4 doesn’t have to be as difficult as Wasteland 2, but it could bring a harsher world to players who desire it.

Published May. 18th 2015
  • Victor Ren
    The combat system is a bit flawed, especially in that every melee weapon feels super floaty. I always gravitated towards the guns in my playthrough because at least with the laser and sniper rifles I could actually think I legitimately hit something.

    Also with the worlds, I think New Vegas did a good job of showing off your idea. In the Mojave you had the exclusive strip, the outskirts of it, Red Rock, and Mt. Charleston. Everything had a little niche to it, and they even managed to give the ghouls a little funny story next to Nipton.

    I think if they could expand on that it would be great, and the technology now could up the scale even more. And I don't want to hear about anyone complaining about how the world should be a barren landscape when New Vegas was able to show us colors, and differentiate from the staleness using Mt. Charleston and Zion.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Exactly! New Vegas showed there was color and life in the Wasteland, especially if you downloaded some mods which brought out the color. There was even the Vault where there were plants growing everywhere!

    It can be done. The question is will Bethesda do it? Fallout 3 really felt like a barren landscape devoid of life and personality, while New Vegas was the opposite. Obsidian and Bethesda together could probably compensate for each other's flaws and make one awesome game!

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