7 Virtual Reality Headsets Core and Casual Gamers Can Buy Right Now

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Let’s face it: Virtual reality is here to stay. From treating PTSD in veterans across the globe to helping architects remodel cityscapes and whisking tourists away to unbelievable virtual vacations, VR technology is quickly reinventing and reshaping our world – whether we like it or not.

Needless to say, applications for the technology are steadily growing. In 2015, virtual reality technology earned more than $2 billion for companies worldwide, with that number set to increase to more than $5 billion in revenue in just two short years -- by 2018.

One of the biggest markets for emerging VR technology is gaming (obviously). From Microsoft to Google to Sony, technology and gaming giants, as well as several indie powerhouses, are jumping on the paradigm-shifting bandwagon – and holding on tight.

Earlier this year, GameSkinny found out how gamers really feel about VR gaming (spoiler alert: They're really liking it).

So what does that mean for you, fearless consumer? It means that virtual reality technology, and specifically virtual reality gaming, is only going to (keep) getting better in the months and years to come. Like a fine wine, most technology only gets better with age, which means if you have yet to buy one of the many virtual reality headsets currently on the market, you’re in luck. Not only are prices waning, but capabilities and experiences are getting better – and there’s more and more software coming into the market to support the cost of one of these bad boys, too.

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So without further ado, let’s strap in and take a look at the 7 best virtual reality headsets you can buy right now with your hard-earned cash, and still have some left over to buy some snazzy virtual reality games, too!

Published Dec. 11th 2016

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