It's So Early in 2017 But We've Already Gotten These Great Platformers


Super Mario 64 is a game that still lives on in the hearts of many gamers who grew up playing Nintendo 64, as it was a game that had this larger-than-life scale to its world, and abundance of possibility to its three dimensional take on the Mushroom Kingdom. Every 3D platformer that came after it did what it could to adapt its pocket-filling mechanics around their own distinctive themes and gimmicks, but they did everything they could to be different without alluding a lot to the source material that inspired them.

Polykid’s Poi does the exact opposite of that --  it does everything within its power to openly tribute the mechanics of the Italian Plumber’s first 3D outing.

In its conceit, Poi definitely nails the colorful backdrops and engaging worlds as it hands you control over two orphan siblings that you can alternate between in a journey to collect shiny Explorer medallions for a kind old man who know more about your journey then he’s letting on. Each world is broken down into segments that center around one specific object to collect the prized collectible much like the 3D Mario titles, significantly changing something about the level each and every time you enter it. Poi does expand upon the foundation it heavily homages though as it gives players the chance to collect coins that they can spend on tools and skills that will come in handy later for the more challenging medallions that require their use in order to be collected.

Poi is out now on Steam, and is currently enjoying its first sale, I recommend any fan of the genre that doesn’t particular need a heavy reverence towards Rare in their 3D romps to be enjoyed should go check it out.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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