It's So Early in 2017 But We've Already Gotten These Great Platformers

A Hat In Time

Sometime before Playtonic came onto KickStarter with their less than conspicuous Love Letter to that one Bear & Bird game that people seem to love, another studio by the name of Gears for Breakfast teased a revival of that brand of gameplay with their own crowd-funding project name A Hat in Time.

Starring the endearing Hat Kid, A Hat in Time will follow its namesake and have you exploring the different worlds through various points of history in search of Hourglasses to help her fuel her ship after she was attacked by, no joke, the Mafia.

Did I also forget to mention that her arch nemesis is another lady named Mustached Girl?

A Hat in Time is reminiscent of the open hub-world formula made famous by the Rare 3D platforming classics, as you’ll hop ‘n bop through 5 huge worlds that are filled with loads of challenges and puzzles to solve. The game is currently in Beta, and the groundwork that Gear For Breakfast has laid down so far is nothing but impressive. The scale and scope to A Hat in Time’s level design is what makes it stand out from its peers as gives you so much to do without ever overwhelming you in the process.

There’s no word yet on when the final version will be released, but needless to say that this game should be on the radar of anyone who’s looking to get in on the 3D Platformer renaissance.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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