Planetside 2 Devs Will Celebrate Anniversary with Free PS4s and Titans

Some free PS4s and NVidia Titans are up for grabs on Wednesday! Don't miss out!

Right now would be a really good time to be a fan of Planetside 2.  Its community is celebrating the one year anniversary of the game this week. Since it is a celebration, the folks at Sony Online Entertainment are going to be doing some special stuff.

The special stuff includes giving away an anniversary bundle which contains a variety of weapons, special anniversary armor for your character and vehicles, and 50 percent more experience for the next six months. According to a post made by Margaret Krohn, the Community Manager for Planetside 2, the bundle will also be able to be purchased for only $39.99.

However, those things are just kiddie stuff when compared to what they will be giving away at random times during a livestream on Wednesday.

The NVidia Titan. Ooooo.

During the livestream, viewers will be able to win one of three NVidia Titans, the same video card the PC Gamer crew used in their recent gaming PC build. Viewers will also be able to have a chance to win a PlayStation 4.  Given that the PS4 is selling like hotcakes and it is hard to buy one right now, this could be your chance to snag one before the holidays.  

Click here to go to the Planetside 2 Twitch channel and join in on the festivities tomorrow!

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Published Nov. 20th 2013

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