Choose the Products You Wish to See on Sale with Massdrop

Create a sale when you want it with Massdrop, a site that allows its members to select the items they want to see discounted.

From books, tools, and fountain pens to gaming chairs, monitors, desks and Magic booster packs, Massdrop has a little bit of everything for the savvy internet shopper in search of epic discounts. 

Massdrop members participate in "drops" where an item is discounted for  7-10 days. According to the site's FAQs:

[Each drop] features different price points that will unlock depending on how many members participate— more participants means a lower price. 

Once the drop expires, your card will be charged and a bulk order will be sent to the manufacturer. 

Dying to buy something at a discount but don't see it? Don't worry, you can request it. Massdrop members can create a poll for items they wish to purchase at a discount. The larger community votes and, once the poll closes, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer to see if a drop can be arranged. 

You'll need to create a free account to see the drops and purchase items, as Massdrop has many vendor-specific exclusive deals. Upon signing up, you select the communities you're interested in (such as hobby shop, writing, tech, etc.), and the site will display items available for purchase in that category. A daily newsletter delivers the day's most popular drops right into your inbox. 

There are a ton of great products available with drops offering as much as 75% off normal purchasing price. It's a great tool to keep in your back pocket, just in case that irresistible item goes on sale. Get started today at

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Published Feb. 7th 2017

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