Turtle Beach Marvel Ear Force Seven Headset - Part II

Turtle Beach has great support and a tough-cookie product.

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to review a headset by Turtle Beach, the Marvel Ear Force Seven. Since my original review, I learned a few new things about this headset. I still stand by initial review in how awesome this headset is.

In the Hands of a 5 Year Old

My daughter likes to pretend she's a big star on stage. On occasion, this includes grabbing my headset (while mom is not looking) and using it as a microphone. The headset has held up great through regular use as well as my 5-year-old using it (cause let's face it..they are never gentle with electronics). My daughter has ruined two headsets prior to this in quick order, but the Marvel Ear Force Seven has held up in her hands. It's definitely a well made product.

Reaching out to Support

The original headset I received ended up having a defect. Moving the cord would result in the headset loosing connection with the PC. I have to admit I dreaded having to contact tech support. There is a 50/50 chance that you will get the worse service imaginable (which I tend to get more like 65 percent of the time). Since I was enjoying the headset's quality and sound, I set about trying to get the headset fixed.

Tech support was quick to answer all questions. They provided me with a shipping label so that I could return the headset to them for diagnosis. Within a week, I got a replacement headset in my hands, complete with the missing Thor ear plates the first headset had been missing. Turtle Beach definitely has a good tech support department, although they are only reachable via email.

Final Words

Overall, this headset is still great quality. Originally $199, I've seen it lately on sale for about $120. I had heard word about the good quality of Turtle Beach headsets before receiving the headset, and I am a firm believer in the product.

See part I of this review here.

(Disclaimer: I was provided with the Marvel Seven free of charge. All thoughts and opinions regarding the product are my own.)

(Article image by Turtle Beach)

Published Mar. 1st 2014

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