11 Android Games to Play While You Wait on 'Fallout Shelter'

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Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's foray into mobile-first gaming, is off to a great start. Since its June 14 release, the game has dominated the mobile gaming market. According to Bethesda, Fallout Shelter gets 70 million plays per day. It knocked Candy Crush down a notch on Apple's Top Paid app list. Put simply: it's a Super Mutant Behemoth of a mobile game.

Taking the best elements from a variety of existing mobile titles, Fallout Shelter is a polished city-builder with a Vault-Tec twist. Build your vault, attract new residents, and play to their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. strengths to survive and thrive in the wastelands.

Fallout Shelter has been wildly popular in its iOS incarnation, but Android users are left out in the wastelands until August. If you're finding it difficult to wait until next month to play Bethesda's mobile game, never fear! I've got eleven great games for you to play while you wait.

Tiny Tower is the most obvious Fallout Shelter alternative. Construct a high-rise building with food, entertainment, and residential levels to meet your tenants' needs. Get Tiny Tower free on the Play Store.

Westward Dystopia is an interactive fiction novel for your mobile device. Make your dice rolls, choose your adventure and settle in for some Dark Tower-style fun. Buy Westward Dystopia on the Play Store for $2.99.


From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Pocket Trains, which may very well be the only game that lets you become a railroad magnate. I mean, can you think of any others? Pocket Trains is free from the Play Store.

Who knew Doomsday Preppers had a mobile game? Build your own underground bunker and see how long you can survive the apocalypse. Download Doomsday Preppers for free from the Play Store.


The sequel to the original game, Tiny Tower Vegas adds gambling to the hit title's already addictive gameplay. Bet your bux on Vegas' hottest attractions as you build your own sky-high hotel and casino. Get Tiny Tower Vegas free on the Play Store.

Deadwalk: The Last War reminds me a lot of Age of Empires. Does anyone even remember Age of Empires? Anywho. Deploy your troops, explore the maps, and take over the post-apocalyptic world. Deadwalk: The Last War is free on the Play Store.


When I bought my first gaming-capable laptop, Virtual Villagers: Origins was my drug of choice. I was constantly checking up on my villagers, talking about my villagers, and cursing at my villagers. I'm pretty sure my family was happy when I deleted the game. Download Virtual Villagers: Origins for free from the Play Store.

AdVenture Capitalist is like the grown-up version of Lemonade Stand: that game you played back in elementary school on your classroom's Apple II. Begin with simple, pocket-money ventures and build your capitalist empire to the moon and back. Check out AdVenture Capitalist for free on the Play Store.


Crazy Tribes sounds a lot less Mad Max-y than it is. Take Clash of Clans, throw it into a deserted, post-apocalyptic wasteland, and you'll be pretty close. Crazy Tribes is free in the Play Store.

Pocket Planes, the predecessor to Pocket Trains, is another of NimbleBit's hit games. Build custom, comfortable planes, load them up with passengers and cargo, and fly across the globe! Pocket Planes is available in the Play Store for free.

Rebuild is a strategic city-builder set after a zombie apocalypse. Explore the zombie-infested wilds and fight to bring society back from the brink. Tread carefully: random events can curtail your progress. Buy Rebuild for $2.99 from the Play Store.

Published Jul. 8th 2015


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