2nd Elusive Target in HITMAN, the Congressman, Is On The Loose

A new challenger comes to Sapienza, for a limited time only.

Following the success of last week's "Elusive Target" mission in HITMAN's first episode, Square Enix announced that a second Elusive Target, named the Congressman, will be appearing in the second episode for just forty eight hours this weekend.  

Elusive Target missions in HITMAN are contracts available for a limited time only, and each can only be played once per player.  Whether you blow them up with controlled explosives or get shot by a guard, that's your one attempt, and the contract is either completed or lost forever. The missions are designed to be particularly difficult, but completing them will unlock exclusive rewards for players.

Also coming to HITMAN soon is the release of Episode Three: Marrakesh.  This new level sees Agent 47 stationed in Morocco, where he must navigate the sprawling streets and markets and infiltrate the Swedish Consulate building.  This new episode promises tons of freedom to find and execute your contract in the way you see fit -- as well as twenty new challenges to complete to unlock new gear, weapons, and starting locations.  This new episode launches next Tuesday, May 21st.

For more information on HITMAN, check out the developer livestream at twitch.tv/hitman, where they will be taking down the Congressman themselves.



Published May. 28th 2016

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