Best New Game "I'm Aquarius" Free on Google Play and App Store

Mutant Labs recently announced the release of I'm Aquarius, a free to play video game for iOS and android devices on Google Play and the App Store

Mutant Labs recently announced I'm Aquarius, a 2D arcade style video game set in space, is available to play for free on Google Play and the App Store. Check out the latest video teaser on the game here.

I'm Aquarius is a new video game designed for iOS devices and Android smart phones to help promote the music of the band Metronomy and give gamers a fun and entertaining iOS game to play. Players must control the Metronomy spaceship, while helping Joseph Mount - the band's lead singer - navigate through exploding mines and speeding asteroids, while avoiding lasers and gathering space dust.

I'm Aquarius is a 'Best New Game' by players and the App Store, and the music included with the title has achieved a top ten game music ranking in over 100 countries around the world.

Mutant Labs and Metronomy are also giving away a signed copy of Metronomy's album Love Letters to the gamer achieving the highest I'm Aquarius score by May 5, 2014.

I'm Aquarius is an entertaining and easy to play iOS video game, with high score leaderboards and a popular music score gamers love. Give this fun and enjoyable title a try.


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Published Apr. 14th 2014

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