7 fictional video games that we're kind of glad don't exist

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The already wide range of video game possibilities become limitless in the fictional worlds of books, comics, and movies. Games are then no longer confined to physical, technological, or even moral boundaries.

But is this always a good thing? I mean, these books, comics, and movies wouldn't have much of a plot if it was. Here are some examples of fictitious games that are fun to think about, but not really something we want in the real world.

Published Jun. 8th 2015
  • Kristian Wilson
    The only way I would be halfway cool with Oasis is if I could just live in Mid-World.
  • Jackson Ingram
    You probably could! It seemed like every franchise more or less had its own virtual "planet."
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Perk could be that the Oasis (from Ready Player One) might give a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory like life from winning its meta game.
  • Jackson Ingram
    Very true! It actually gets compared to Wonka's contest several times throughout the book, especially considering how the winner of the "Egg Hunt" automatically gains ownership of the company behind Oasis.

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