7 fictional video games that we're kind of glad don't exist

#7: Society from Gamer

In the (poorly reviewed) world of the 2009 thriller Gamer, Ken Castle has designed ultra fancy nanobots to allow gamers to take control of an actual person instead of an avatar. His most popular game, Society, is meant to simulate real experiences.

Why this would be cool:

It's like the Sims! If actual real life could be as simple as fulfilling your bodily needs to feel emotionally stable, we'd all be set! Everything is easier for a Sim. Did you go to work today? Promotion! Oh, you've had a long conversation with someone? Now you're in a committed relationship! And that's just from the perspective of the playable character. As the gamer, you could be the ultimate puppeteer. That kind of control is very appealing to some people.

Why this is a terrible idea:

It's like the Sims. You know, that simulation game where you'd accidentally burn down the house or let your Sims starve to death. Except now it's real. If that doesn't scare you, consider how Society's true purpose isn't anywhere close to being that domestic. In Gamer, people pay a lot of money to play Society. People like that don't empty their bank accounts to watch their avatars learn how to cook or tell a joke in Simlish. They want a little more bang for their buck. And that is terrifying. 

Published Jun. 8th 2015

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