7 fictional video games that we're kind of glad don't exist

#6: Slayers, also from Gamer

Castle's second big release is Slayers, a first-person shooter with actual people who can, like, die and stuff. For real. Oh, and the playable characters (called "I-Cons") are all inmates on death row or facing life in prison.

Why this would be cool:

It would not be cool. It would be very uncool. Oh, I should mention that if the I-Con "wins" 30 matches, then they're set free! Of course, no one can seems to make it through 10, and if you start to get close to 30, the game is rigged to make you lose anyway. So yeah, still not cool. And what kind of judicial system let this fly? A very, very uncool one.

Why this is a terrible idea:

Oh, um, probably because ACTUAL PEOPLE DIE. And it's built around manipulating incarcerated citizens. Just want to point out that inmates are still citizens. They are real people. With names and rights and everything.

Published Jun. 8th 2015

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