7 fictional video games that we're kind of glad don't exist

#5: Global Thermonuclear War from WarGames

We all know this feeling. When you casually hack into a military supercomputer and start a fun 'ole game of Global Thermonuclear War. Just another relaxing Tuesday night.

Why this would be cool:

Are you addicted to conquest games? Maybe you're getting bored with repetitive war simulations? Meet your match, the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response). Screw Risk. It's ancient now. And Boom Beach? That was a cute game for waiting rooms or extended bathroom breaks. Global Thermonuclear War even makes games like Civilization look like a rousing match of capture the flag. 

Why this is a terrible idea:

No big deal, but Matthew Broderick almost started World War III with this sucker. And I don't think anyone's down with leaving thermonuclear power in the coded hands of a computer. Even a super one who takes us on a journey to learn a hard lesson about futility.

Published Jun. 8th 2015

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