Careful, Halo 5 campaign spoilers are already being posted!

Halo 5 spoilers are inbound! Stay off of social media, image boards, and forums for now until it's been officially released.

I would suggest to be careful out there as you're browsing the Internet.   You will find that Halo 5  campaign spoilers are already posted online. The Xbox One exclusive title is not set to come out until the 27th of October. 

It's advised you not browse sites such as 4chan, Reddit, or even some forums. I am unsure if there have been any more spoilers posted as I am avoiding spoilers for this.

There had been a post on Reddit by a user who was misleading fans by making misleading titles. It is unknown if it is the same person who then posted proof he or she owned the game via Imgur

Many other sites have also reported that they have seen spoilers posted on Reddit and Imgur.

If you want to see a released Halo 5 gameplay trailer, watch this video above. What are your thoughts about spoilers that have been posted a week or two early? Does it make you frustrated or upset? Sound off in the comments section!


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Published Oct. 13th 2015

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