5 of the Most Intense Video Game Drinking Games

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No matter how far video games have come in the last 30 some odd years or so, there are still a few things that you just simply can’t get out of online multiplayer session across the web with your friends -- no matter how convenient of an outlet it may be in this busy day and age.

The comradery of your buds crowding up beside you on the couch is an experience that’ll never compare to a friendly voice blaring out of the other end of a headset, and one of the many reasons that local multiplayer still lives on to this day.

Well that, and it’s also the best way to get shit-faced drunk with your crew in front of a TV screen! *Cue the waving fist pumps and righteous wailing of “whoooooooooooooa” until your lungs give out!*

What better way to spend a Friday night than cracking open a few 24-packs in the comfort of your own home, where you and a group of your pals can party with a beer in one hand, and a controller in the other. These are the five best drinking games that you can play with a video game and some friends!

Also, this should go without saying but this list is only intended for readers of the age of 21 and older (unless you are in one of those places where you can get hammered at 18).

 Irish Car-Bomberman

What you’ll need to play: 1L bottle of Baileys Irish Crème Liqueur, 750ML bottle of Jameson Blended Irish Whiskey, a 6 Pack of 11.2 oz bottled Guinness Draught Beer, and literally any Bomberman game from Super Bomberman and up.

Hudson Soft’s iconic party game has had players blowing each other up for years, and while some people have become disenchanted with a 33-year-old formula that’s hardly changed, you can’t argue that the game offers a perfect setup for those who want to play with a round of drinks on the side.

Here’s how you’ll Play: Matches can be anywhere from two to eight player bouts, where the standard rules of elimination in Bomberman still apply with the exceptional caveats of drink distribution among certain conditions. The winner of each match will be given the option to exempt themselves from any required drinking for that game, while the losers will drink a number of Irish Car-bomb shots that’s relative to their placement within the match standings.

For example, if you play a round between 4 people, and you’re the first one eliminated, then you’ll be pounding down 4 shots, if you’re the second to get blasted out of the arena, then you’ll slam 3 shots back, the last person to lose will only be poured 2 drinks to consume. The winner of the match will get the option of either taking their one and only drink, or the opportunity to pass it off to one of the other losers as they sit back and revel in their victory.

One last rule, if you somehow screw up a bomb placement, and explode yourself out of the match like a dingus, then you’ll have to serve yourself double of whatever you’re obligated to drink from the placement that you knocked yourself out in -- so try to be careful with where you drop your bombs!

Super Smashed Bros.

What you’ll need to play: Any beer of your choice, and any copy of Super Smash Bros in the series (even Brawl in case you also happen to hate yourselves.)

The Nintendo-centric mascot fighter is one of the most hectic competitive games in existence, with the most recent entry allowing up to a dizzying number of eight players to get rough with one another. While the format has expanded its various modes of play over time, the tried and true Stock mode makes for an excellent way to tally up a bar tab between you and your amigos.

Here’s how you’ll Play: The guidelines here are pretty simply; players will set the number of stock for each fighter entering the match, where the round will go on until all but one have depleted their inventory of lives within their stock. Each time a player is tossed out of the arena, they’ll need to grab for their beer, and chug it down while their character return on the sanctuary pad where they’ll stand at the top of the screen until the game eventually forces them back into the match.  The winner of the match will then have to add an extra life to their stock in the next round, which isn’t exactly the edge you’d imagine when you consider the factor of it potentially being an extra risk to chug their brains out that the other players aren’t burdened with.


You don’t know Jack, or your limit.

What you’ll need to play: Any liquor of your choice, and any copy of You Don’t Know Jack (preferably The Jackbox Party Pack if you can manage that.)

The benchmark of the trivia genre in video games ends at You Don’t Know Jack, and for good reason, it’s one of the most complete packages to challenge your wit, and an experience that become especially harrowing when you involve alcohol into the mix. This one might just be the most complicated of the bunch but believe me when I say that it’s really satisfying to slur your way through the cerebral triathlon.

Here’s how you’ll Play: There are many iterations of the YDKJ series that have their own distinct rules, but these conditions will still apply to all of them. For every question that Player chooses a wrong answer for, they’ll need to take a shot to teach themselves a valuable lesson. Whenever a Dis or Dat round occurs, those who choose less than half of the right answers in the segment will have to push two shots down their gullet. Any time a special round comes up that isn’t a Dis or Dat event, every player will be obligated to take a shot. Finally, anytime a player decides to screw another player, they can force the target of their attack to drink 2 shots if their attempt to screw them works, or drink 3 shot themselves if the other player fire back at the attempt with a correct answer.

Beerio Kart

What you’ll need to play: Any beer of your choice, and any Mario Kart game Mario Kart 64 and up (bonus points if you play Mario Kart Wii using those stupid plastic steering wheel add-ons for your Wiimotes.)

Mario Kart is a household multiplayer game that only gets better the moment you and your friends turn 21, and it may just be the best drinking game that you can jump into with anyone that’s familiar with the Italian plumber. Also, before we go on, I have a disclaimer that may seem like a no-brainer to anyone reading this list, but I’m just going to go ahead and throw it out there anyway for posterity’s sake; please do not drink and drive.

Here’s how you’ll Play: Before the start of each race, each player will need to open their can of beer and have it close by within arms-reach. Once the green light is flashed everyone in the race will have need to finish their beer before they complete their three laps and finish the race, with one huge catch; players aren’t allowed to drink a sip of the good stuff while driving. Anytime you’re ready to drink, you’ll need to pull over to the side of the track, and drink however much you like before you’ll back into the road to rejoin the contest.

This game is the only one that actually focuses more on strategy than skill as you’ll have to determine whether or not one full out chug before you continue on the race is the smartest way to go, or pacing yourself out throughout the circuit in order to keep your motor skills in tact is the wiser move.


Mario Patron Party

 What you’ll need to play: A 750ML bottle of Patron Silver Tequilla, and any copy of Mario Party entry from the console lineup of games.

When the Mario isn’t shifting gears with his mushroom cohorts on the race track, he’s punching dice blocks and moving spaces in a bid get all the power stars that he can. Mario Party is exactly everything that the name promises it to be as every game is chock full of twists and tumbles that’re crazy enough to change tides of war within a single turn. While one half of Nintendo’s trademark party game is chance, and the other is skill, those lines can become quickly blurred (along with your vision) as you pass around some glasses filled with Mexico’s finest until only one of you is left standing.

Here’s how you’ll Play: During each round on the board, players will need to drink a shot of Patron anytime one of these things occurs.

  • They Land on a red space
  • Get passed up by another player on the board during their turn
  • A rival player earns a star

That’s not all though, as you may have to suck down two shots of Patron for the following occasions.

  • You stop at a Bowser Space on the board
  • You end up lapping around the entire map, and pass the original starting point

In the spirit of Mario Party, there are also rules that will allow you to assign your opponents shots anytime these circumstances apply.

  • You’re able to land on a Blue Spot on the board
  • You land on a special event space
  • You claim a win in any mini-game, regardless of type

Repeat until you either reach the end with the most stars in hand, or get party pooped and pass the hell out.

If you made it through these games and are looking for more then congratulations; you have a problem.

Seriously though, pace yourself out, and give these modifiers a try the next time you decide to host a house party, and if you know of any other ones that aren't listed here, then be sure to list them and their respective rules in the comments below!

Note: GameSkinny advices you drink in moderation, does not condone underage drinking, and asks you to know your limit, and stop when reached.

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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