5 of the Most Intense Video Game Drinking Games

 Irish Car-Bomberman

What you’ll need to play: 1L bottle of Baileys Irish Crème Liqueur, 750ML bottle of Jameson Blended Irish Whiskey, a 6 Pack of 11.2 oz bottled Guinness Draught Beer, and literally any Bomberman game from Super Bomberman and up.

Hudson Soft’s iconic party game has had players blowing each other up for years, and while some people have become disenchanted with a 33-year-old formula that’s hardly changed, you can’t argue that the game offers a perfect setup for those who want to play with a round of drinks on the side.

Here’s how you’ll Play: Matches can be anywhere from two to eight player bouts, where the standard rules of elimination in Bomberman still apply with the exceptional caveats of drink distribution among certain conditions. The winner of each match will be given the option to exempt themselves from any required drinking for that game, while the losers will drink a number of Irish Car-bomb shots that’s relative to their placement within the match standings.

For example, if you play a round between 4 people, and you’re the first one eliminated, then you’ll be pounding down 4 shots, if you’re the second to get blasted out of the arena, then you’ll slam 3 shots back, the last person to lose will only be poured 2 drinks to consume. The winner of the match will get the option of either taking their one and only drink, or the opportunity to pass it off to one of the other losers as they sit back and revel in their victory.

One last rule, if you somehow screw up a bomb placement, and explode yourself out of the match like a dingus, then you’ll have to serve yourself double of whatever you’re obligated to drink from the placement that you knocked yourself out in -- so try to be careful with where you drop your bombs!

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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