5 of the Most Intense Video Game Drinking Games

Super Smashed Bros.

What you’ll need to play: Any beer of your choice, and any copy of Super Smash Bros in the series (even Brawl in case you also happen to hate yourselves.)

The Nintendo-centric mascot fighter is one of the most hectic competitive games in existence, with the most recent entry allowing up to a dizzying number of eight players to get rough with one another. While the format has expanded its various modes of play over time, the tried and true Stock mode makes for an excellent way to tally up a bar tab between you and your amigos.

Here’s how you’ll Play: The guidelines here are pretty simply; players will set the number of stock for each fighter entering the match, where the round will go on until all but one have depleted their inventory of lives within their stock. Each time a player is tossed out of the arena, they’ll need to grab for their beer, and chug it down while their character return on the sanctuary pad where they’ll stand at the top of the screen until the game eventually forces them back into the match.  The winner of the match will then have to add an extra life to their stock in the next round, which isn’t exactly the edge you’d imagine when you consider the factor of it potentially being an extra risk to chug their brains out that the other players aren’t burdened with.

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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