5 of the Most Intense Video Game Drinking Games

You don’t know Jack, or your limit.

What you’ll need to play: Any liquor of your choice, and any copy of You Don’t Know Jack (preferably The Jackbox Party Pack if you can manage that.)

The benchmark of the trivia genre in video games ends at You Don’t Know Jack, and for good reason, it’s one of the most complete packages to challenge your wit, and an experience that become especially harrowing when you involve alcohol into the mix. This one might just be the most complicated of the bunch but believe me when I say that it’s really satisfying to slur your way through the cerebral triathlon.

Here’s how you’ll Play: There are many iterations of the YDKJ series that have their own distinct rules, but these conditions will still apply to all of them. For every question that Player chooses a wrong answer for, they’ll need to take a shot to teach themselves a valuable lesson. Whenever a Dis or Dat round occurs, those who choose less than half of the right answers in the segment will have to push two shots down their gullet. Any time a special round comes up that isn’t a Dis or Dat event, every player will be obligated to take a shot. Finally, anytime a player decides to screw another player, they can force the target of their attack to drink 2 shots if their attempt to screw them works, or drink 3 shot themselves if the other player fire back at the attempt with a correct answer.

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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