5 of the Most Intense Video Game Drinking Games

Mario Patron Party

 What you’ll need to play: A 750ML bottle of Patron Silver Tequilla, and any copy of Mario Party entry from the console lineup of games.

When the Mario isn’t shifting gears with his mushroom cohorts on the race track, he’s punching dice blocks and moving spaces in a bid get all the power stars that he can. Mario Party is exactly everything that the name promises it to be as every game is chock full of twists and tumbles that’re crazy enough to change tides of war within a single turn. While one half of Nintendo’s trademark party game is chance, and the other is skill, those lines can become quickly blurred (along with your vision) as you pass around some glasses filled with Mexico’s finest until only one of you is left standing.

Here’s how you’ll Play: During each round on the board, players will need to drink a shot of Patron anytime one of these things occurs.

  • They Land on a red space
  • Get passed up by another player on the board during their turn
  • A rival player earns a star

That’s not all though, as you may have to suck down two shots of Patron for the following occasions.

  • You stop at a Bowser Space on the board
  • You end up lapping around the entire map, and pass the original starting point

In the spirit of Mario Party, there are also rules that will allow you to assign your opponents shots anytime these circumstances apply.

  • You’re able to land on a Blue Spot on the board
  • You land on a special event space
  • You claim a win in any mini-game, regardless of type

Repeat until you either reach the end with the most stars in hand, or get party pooped and pass the hell out.

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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