These GTA V truck stunts are insane

Think semis are no fun in Grand Theft Auto V? Well you're wrong. Billy drives the war rig.

In a continued effort to alleviate your Monday blues, I will once again bring you some awesome Grand Theft Auto V madness that will hopefully help make your day that much better.

This week we have arguably the best truck driver that has ever played GTA V pull off some very impressive semi stunts. BlackSmoke Billy takes 18 wheelers to a whole new level with his insane tricks.

His latest video shows off all of the fun you can have with a semi, some well placed nukes, and a little imagination.

Drive, throw, detach, explode, and repeat.

I can only imagine the sheer number of hours it took BlackSmoke Billy to practice and master the crazy art of semi bridge jumping, but I think I speak for all of us when I say thank god he did it.

If you're like me at all and are wondering just how he did it, lucky for us he explains in the description of the video.

"I had to use an invincibility mod, a nuke mod (with less range to keep the game from lagging) and changed the weight of the trailer to 10 grams to do this."

If this wasn't impressive enough, go and check out some of his other videos where he does things like drop nukes all over Los Santos while playing as a seagull, accomplishes the longest jump ever while in a submarine, and drifts a 1000 ton bus down a highway in oncoming traffic.

Published Sep. 21st 2015

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