Hexxit - A Brand New Technic Mod Pack for Minecraft! Adventure Ensues!

Hexxit, A Brand New RPG Style Adventure Pack For Minecraft!!!

Hello All!

This fantastic video is a long awaited explanation of what on earth has been going on with all those stars and the mysterious moving symbols at Technic Pack HQ! The symbols translate to numbers and it turned our to be a countdown with only six days left! So what it seems to be is a new RPG style mod pack similar to what we saw in Hack/Mine.

Unfortunately, nobody has been updating that pack and it is still stuck in Minecraft 1.2.5, which is very much outdated. Currently, I can only offer speculation based upon the content of the website, but I'll be sure to provide more information as it comes in. As of now, enjoy the video and what is to come to the RPG side of the Technic Pack! 

Published Jun. 15th 2013
  • ZexyZek
  • s_8536
    It is pitch black.You are likely to get eaten by a comment.
  • Sythrone
    I really hope that this wont get rid of Yogbox. That is my favorite pack.
  • Turtellect
    I am actually hoping that it is merely a remake of tekkit with a heavy refocussing on magic, with mods like Thaumcraft 3 and the like. But a secondary focs on the RPG side of things would be nice too.
  • RottenDinner
    My son and I love playing Legends SMRPG pack, the RPG style of minecraft is so underrated. I cant wait to see what unfolds.

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