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Tyrian's have had almost a full year to find the most adorable fashions, and find them they have! Here are the 10 most adorable entries we saw in the more than 500 Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest entries.

These players seeked sparkles, conquered cute, donned darling duds ,and then shared their unspeakably adorable creations with us.  

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Character: Naavi Wonder, Asura 'Princess' of Rata Sum

remarkablyodd was on a mission to create a feminine Asura, and did admirably! It's a good thing too, because this "self-proclaimed" princess seems like she demands the finest things in life.

"This mesmer rocks asura theme imperial robes with a purple blast. Her adorableness will be your downfall!

Check out her story here.

Character: Name Unknown, the Elegant Savior

The Kierran says that armor mixing is a hobby, and I'm inclined to believe her! Through careful application of dye, a multitude of armor sets come together and look good doing it. 

"Whoever she might fool with her looks, can taste the cold blade afterwards." 

Check out her story here.

Character: Wee Peepers, Asura... Darkness Stalker... Adorable?

peepers_8940 may not seem adorable at first glance, but under the mask lies a disturbingly adorable visage. Peepers looks so cute, yet so disgruntled about it. 

"I am, however, just about the nicest and most humble crotch-height munchkin in all of Divinity's Reach." 

Check out her story here.

Character: Maxxi Moritati, Asura Warrior

Sophie_6559 has crafted a tough but ladylike look. 

Plate Mail? Check.

Pink Dye? Check.

Rose-Embossed Helm? Check.

"Maxxi likes her mix and match armor for its practicality and performance, plus the jaunty touch of the plume. Feminine but ferocious." 

Check out her story here.

Character: Sokina, the Guardian 

Sokina shared this Guardian's down-time look. Now, I'll be the first to admit that she's not the first lady to put on bunny ears and dash around Tyria, but she did put in some serious though to her pom pom bedecked town clothes. Give her entry a look, and cut her some slack; after all, lady has to have something to wear when she's not sporting plate mail!

"Sometimes it's nice for a woman to feel cute, despite rampaging dragons and an undead plague." 

Check out her story here.

Character: Pandasurans, Asuran... Pandas?

Kealli has allowed us an unusual look some rare and elusive citizens of Tyria.

"Here we can observe the illusive Pandasurans in their natural habitat. We can notice the female is wearing fine clothing, while the male prefers to go about in a rather more revealing garb."

Read their entry, but be warned, it's crazy adorable. 

Check out her story here.

Character: Pancake Fartsparkle, Charr

Triple Torch may not have gone out on a limb, armor wise. But whoa now and wait a second - take a look at those colors! A bold choice for anyone, but an extraordinary one for a Charr. 

"I created Pancake when I was fighting against months of serious depression. He was so ridiculous looking I couldn't help, but smile when I played him."

Check out her story here.

Character: Raina Mistgrave, (Fabulous) Charr

Raios Deschain has donned the Twilight Arbor set, and while we have most often been impressed by players mixing unusual pieces together, we couldn't help but notice that Raina is working this armor set in some really cool colors!

"Raina is also the founder and Imperator of the Flower Legion. One of the lesser known legions of the Charr, The Flower Legion accepts only the most colorful, vibrant, psychedelic and FABULOUS members of Tyria into its ranks."

Check out her story here.

Character: Angry Bearded Hobo, The Manliest Norn

OMGitburns told us what armor the Angry Bearded Hobo was wearing, but I can't remember what it was. All I remember is that I read over his entry into the fashion contest, and then I got chest hair. My feelings on that are mixed, but you can't deny this... Manly... look has a certain charm about it. 

"Touching his chesthair usually has the side effects of a mustache instantly bursting out from your face, giving you a boost to your manliness. There are reports that this has even happened to females."

Check out his (totally manly) story here.

Character: Ddc, Human Mesmer

duduc takes us through what a day is like for this magical girl mesmer. She's wearing gear from entirely different sets, but somehow, magically, seems to make it work,

"I'm like, an older Sailor Moon? Or maybe I wish I was."

"Some people said it was not real magic I was doing, but more like pyromancy and illegal quaggan hunting; but you cannot be a heroine without haters... right?"

Check out her story here.

Published Aug. 19th 2013

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