Elder Scrolls Online: ZeniMax Shows PAX East Attendees a Little Tamriel Hospitality

The crew at ZeniMax showed PAX East attendees a great time tonight!

ZeniMax Media invited PAX East attendees to enjoy themselves at the "347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden" this evening, and these guys know how to show fans a good time. 

No mistake about who's partying here.

Upon entering the venue, which is an historic landmark in Boston (and a very appropriate setting for an Elder Scrolls event), guests were directed toward the currency exchange. There, they could acquire a generous pouch of coins bearing the ouroboros seal. Though not specifically labeled as Septims, we definitely referred to them as such the entire evening [edit: turns out they weren't Septims at all, since ESO occurs a few hundred millennia before Tiber Septim is emperor!].

We didn't even have to kill any giants.

These coins could then be used to purchase food, bar drinks, merchandise, and prints from the two photo areas (one: a green screen background that places you in a combat setting; two: posing with a member of various factions, such as a Redguard warrior or Khajiit).  

The fare offered was nothing short of impressive: the food was delicious and the beer selection exceeded expectations.  I didn't check names on the food menus, but the beer titles had been modified to reflect the Elder Scrolls theme.  Guests could tuck in with some hot veggies and meats and wash it all down with a Valenwood IPA or Elsweyr Ale.

Wayrest makes a mighty fine brew.

Guests also received Eso T-shirts had the chance to enter into a prize lottery, and could gamble their septims playing dice at the wagering tables (which were packed with players).

Entertainment included the aforementioned faction members, who mingled among the crowd while keeping marvelously in-character, and live music by the one and only Bards College Band, all the way from Solitude.

Bard's College Band!

"But barmistress, I already paid for those drinks..."

The main attraction, though, was undoubtedly the Elder Scrolls Online play-test area, where guests could experience ESO themselves or simply enjoy as a spectator.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable event and an evening this Elder Scrolls fan is sure to  remember.  Thank you for the excellent time, ZeniMax!


Published Mar. 23rd 2013
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Wow that looks like that would've been so awesome to attend.
  • Christina Virginia
    Featured Contributor
    Tricky2032, thanks for the trivia!
  • Tricky2032
    They didn't call them Septims because Tiber Septim is born 200 years after ESO takes place
  • KonradGamez
    Featured Contributor
    Wish I was there. :)
  • Jeremy
    That's actually kind of cool.

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