The Complete Fortnite Season 6 Skins List

Skin: DJ Yonder

The infamous Llama has returned for Season 6 in the form of a DJ.

Following suit other famous artists of the electro genre such as Daft Punk and Deadmau5, this Fortnite character wears a massive metallic helmet in the shape of a llama head. With shades, a headset, and a gold tooth, this DJ is ready to fist pump their way into a victory royale.

The rest of the clothes glow in sweet LED lights, meaning it's not the stealthiest look out there. But who cares? You know you want it just to stand out in the crowd -- and the winner's circle.

This is one of the skins you will automatically acquire in Tier One when you purchase a Battle Pass.

Published Oct. 10th 2018

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