Prepare Yourself To Set Sail For "Far Harbor"

Any good Wastelander is prepared for anything. Here's a little prep work you can do before hopping on the ship to Far Harbor.

Now that Fallout 4's largest expansion, Far Harbor, has dropped, there are absolute tonnes of new things to do, myriad new locations to explore, and plenty of new weapons and secrets to find. But all that that could get overwhelming, so here's a couple of videos to help you get started on your journey to the spooky fisherman's refuge. 

In order to make passage to the island, you need to 1) be best pals with your friendly neighborhood Synthetic-Man, Nick "The Detective" Valentine and 2) you need to have completed his "Get A Clue" quest.

After that, another quest called "Far From Home" will pop up and a new radio signal will direct you back to Valentine's Diamond City detective agency to pick up a new case. 

From there, you'll be sent to the far northeastern corner of the map to meet with the Nakanos, a couple who desperately want you to locate their missing daughter. Once you agree to help them, hop on that big fishing trawler, and you're on your way to the fog-filled freakfest that is Fallout 4Far Harbor.

And while you're at it, check out Bethesda's vidoc about the DLC below. Did you know it's a bigger island than any previous DLC they've made for any other game? That's huge.


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Published May. 19th 2016

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