Shadowrun Returns Release Date Announced

July 25, 2013. On Steam or tablet, prepare for the return of the "fantastech" world of Shadowrun!

Although it's not the June date than many had hoped for (and some had even inaccurately reported), at least we have something concrete for the highly anticipated Shadowrun Returns! On July 25, 2013, players will finally be able to dig into the dirty cybermagic realms of Shadowrun. The game is release via Steam and on tablets.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming interview exclusive with Mitch Gitelman, lead developer for Shadowrun Returns as well as 2007's Shadowrun. Below are two new screens, and you can read Harebrained Schemes' verbose press release detailing what's to come in Shadowrun Returns, as well as the built-in campaign editor, found here. 

Published Jun. 18th 2013

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