London Bridge (And Everything Else) Is Falling Down In New Independence Day Trailer

"They do like to get the landmarks."

"They do like to get the landmarks," says Jeff Goldblum's David Levinson quips as Liam Hemsworth's new pilot character races through the collapsing London Bridge just in the nick of time. 

Independence Day: Resurgence is set some 20 years from its predecessor. Since humanity's successful MacBook Hail Mary from the alien threat, we have re-purposed their technology and are experiencing a new golden age of prosperity. When Levinson is called out to a remote site in the desert, one thing is abundantly clear: the E.T.'s phoned home and someone's coming to their rescue. 

Most of the original cast seems to be reprising their roles: Bill Pullman returns as the president; Vivica Fox is back as Will "Not In The Movie" Smith's wife; and even the doctor (who the aliens spoke through, then killed, in ID4) is there in the trailer, which is weird. Director Roland Emmerich brings his signature destruction porn to the 1996 classic's sequel and nothing is safe from the alien ship that Goldbulm's character says "has it's own gravity." 

When the new movie hits theaters on June 23, we're going to have our...wait. Are they seriously not releasing the movie on July 4th? Wow. Just wow. Talk about missed opportunities.


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Published May. 25th 2016

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