Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks New Pokemon and Enemy team!

Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks reveal several new Pokemon and Kanto region Alola forms, as well as the new enemy team, Team Skull.

With the release Pokemon Sun and Moon only a few months away, people are gnawing at the bit for new information. Yesterday and earlier today, leaked images from CoroCoro revealed several new Alolan Pokemon, as well as new Alolan forms for Meowth and Marowak. The new Pokemon include:

  • Sunabaa and Shirodesuna. Ghost/Ground-type Sandcastle Pokemon
  • Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon. Pre-evolved form of Bewear
  • Water-type Pokemon. Has both a Single and Schooled Form
  • Type not specified.

The Alolan Meowth will be a Dark-type and Alolan Marowak will be Fire/Ghost-type. The CoroCoro article also alluded to a “secret evolution” for Rockruff. This evolution will be contained in next month’s issue.

The leaks also included images and clips from the video announcement which was supposed to go up on August 11th. These images, while not officially confirmed, contain depictions of people from the CoroCoro articles. In addition, information about English names for Yowashi and Namakobushi were revealed. They will supposedly be called Wishiwashi and Pyukumuku respectively. An Alolan form for Raichu and a new mushroom Pokemon, Morelull, have also been leaked in these images.

Not much is known about the new enemy team, but they are to be called Team Skull. A small image of the leader, Guzma, and the admin, Plumeria, were shown in the CoroCoro article. Two other members can be seen, but it is not confirmed if they are grunts or officers yet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled to be released on November 18, 2016.


Published Aug. 10th 2016

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