Frustrated Father Faces Charges For Wrecking Internet Cafe Son Frequented

Father destroys Internet cafe that his son visited regularly to neglect his studies.

In the evening on October 17, Lin, a father from the Xinyu, Jiangxi province in China, burst into an Internet cafe looking for his underage son who often neglected his studies to play computer games. In a fit of rage, he grabbed a bar stool and swung it at various computer equipment.

According to TenCent news, the night began when Lin was celebrating his wife's birthday and couldn't find his eldest son. He decided to check for him at a local Internet Cafe and indeed found him there. That's when Lin went on a rampage destroying monitors, keyboads, and headsets.

Cafe workers and the owner attempted to talk it out with Lin but he wouldn't have it. When the police entered the scene, Lin and the cafe owner were taken to police headquarters for further questioning. Lin's anger still couldn't be subsided. He spat and kicked two on duty police officers.

Lin was immediately detained by the police and charged with police brutality, bad attitude, and destruction of property. As of this weekend, he is still in custody and awaiting trial.


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Published Oct. 28th 2014

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