4 Mass Effect Inspired Outfits

I've put together some simple street wear together based on Mass Effect.

For me clothing has always been a mode of expression. It gives me the chance to reflect and create ensembles that can become a tangible representations of how I'm feeling at any given point. When it comes to style I pull from my favorite things, be it movies, comics, or video games. Clothing is my armor that helps me prepare for what's next in the day. With that in mind, this week I've put together 4 outfits inspired on the beloved series Mass Effect by BioWare.

Tali inspired outfit cosplay mass effect

When putting together a look inspired by Tali'Zorah I knew it wanted to stick with the four main colors in her suit. Purple, Black, Gold, and Grey. For this look I went with the draped Tali hoodie from the BioWare store. I paired the top with charcoal grey leggings. I draped a large black and purple scarf across my waist to really tie the look together. I finished the it off with a pair a black boots just in case I need to kick some butt. You may find it a bit more wearable without the wig, but sometimes you just have to live a little.

Garrus inspired outfit cosplay mass effect

For a Garrus inspired outfit, I think that It's important to go with very structured articles of clothing as best to resemble armor. For this look I went with blue and black color blocked skinny jeans to show off my scrawny Garrus legs. I chose the heather grey top for its faux leather shoulders, and topped it off with a bulky royal blue scarf. I think this is excellent street wear for a rainy day (perhaps without the mask). You can find many of these styles at Forever21 and Zara. Just don't be afraid to shop in the mens section.

N7 inspired outfit cosplay mass effect
N7 Armor

For the N7 armor I had a sexy FemShep in mind. I went with classic black heeled boots because everyone knows that Commander Shepard cleans up nice. The N7 leggings went very well the red and black color blocked top, but you could wear black leggings if you wanted to be less obvious about what style you were emulating.

Mordin inspired outfit cosplay mass effect

If anyone knows fashion it's Mordin. For this look I went with very clean lines. The orange and black crop top with the center cutout reminded me of Mordin's suit, though I admit I would have rather it be red. I paired the top with a white pencil skirt and black heels.

Which of your favorite characters would you most want to dress like? Let us know down in the comments and remember wear what you feel like.

Published Jun. 12th 2015

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