Two New One Piece Games Announced

The latest issue of Jump magazine reveals two games in development based on the best selling anime and manga series.

The newest issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine has revealed that One Piece, the immensely popular manga and anime series by Eichiro Oda, has two new games based on it currently in development.

The first game, titled One Piece: Grand Cruise, is in development for PlayStation VR. Screenshots show exploration of the ship, and it's possible that players will get to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates and/or other characters. No other information about the game has been revealed.

Additionally, there will be a special playable demo of the game at the "Tokyo One Piece Tower" event at the Tokyo Tower on July 22, and it will let eight players play the game together.

The other game in development is an "unprecedented new One Piece game" which currently has no official  title but is code-named "Dawn". Bandai Namco, publishing company Shueisha, and Toei Animation (which animates the One Piece anime series and movies), are all involved with the new project. One Piece creator Eichiro Oda is also involved with the game's development, and is  helping with the plans and design of the game.

It has also been said that the game will be "enormous." At this time, it is unknown what platforms the upcoming game will be on

Due to the involvement of Toei Animation, the anime's soundtrack -- which is composed by Kohei Tanaka (Gravity Rush, Dragon Ball) --  will be featured in the game, which will be a first for a One Piece video game. 

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of  the One Piece manga, and Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine previously outlined 10 projects as well as other announcements in celebration of the manga's two-decade run.  It is currently unknown whether the games will release in the West or be exclusive to Japan.

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Published Jul. 12th 2017

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