Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition on PC Gets More Than Just 4K and 120FPS

Koei Tecmo shed more light on what PC players can expect out of Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition when it launches via Steam on February 5.

Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition on PC is coming packed with a bevy of features and options that would make any enthusiast gush. Though we already knew it would support 4K ultra-HD, HDR, 60fps and 120fps options, and 144hz refresh rates, there's quite a bit more PC players will be able to take advantage of on the platform. 

As outlined by Koei Tecmo in a video shared earlier today over on IGN (embedded below; thanks, IGN), Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition on PC will feature: 

  • Fullscreen and windowless modes
  • Resolution rendering
  • Mouse and keyboard customization
  • Gamepad compatibility
  • Ultra wide-screen support

Of course, it will also allow for the range of graphical customizability typically found in PC titles and many other PC ports, including the ability to tweak shadows, turn motion blur on and off, and choose between various graphics quality options and screen resolutions. 

Releasing on February 5, 2021, via Steam, The Complete Edition is an upgraded version of the action RPG that was released on the PlayStation 4 back in March 2020. It features the base game, plus three DLC expansions. It is currently up for pre order over on Valve's storefront

Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition will also release for the PlayStation 5 on the same day, though its title is a tad different: Nioh 2 Remastered — The Complete Edition. Console players will be able to also buy remastered versions of Nioh and Nioh 2 separately or as a collection through The Nioh Collection then as well. There's no word on if that bundle will be coming to PC.

In our review of the game, we said "Nioh 2 takes everything great about the first game and dials it up. Despite a few returning gremlins, this is an instant hit for fans of the series." 


Published Feb. 16th 2021

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