The Minutes of Square Enix "Interactive Reveal" on Twitch - Day 3

Twitch viewers direct what happens in this 3-day interactive announcement for... Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

Welcome to the end of Square Enix's drawn-out Twitch teaser!  Take a breeze through Day 1 and Day 2 for a little recap.

Day 3

  • 10:47: Prisoner writes in journal, "They are watching everything," and holds it up for the cameras.
  • 10:48: Guards bring the chair in again.
  • 10:49: Female Captor speak with Prisoner alone.
  • 10:50: "Resist" or "Collaborate."
  • 10:51: Twitch chooses "Resist."
  • 10:52: Female Captor gives an order; the screen wall shows a video of the aftermath to some violent scene, possibly a riot.  Prisoner begs them to stop showing the video.
  • 10:54: Oh hey, Prisoner's a cyborg.
  • 10:56: Yep, it's Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  • 10:57: Yay, an actual trailer!  Big futuristic cities, Adam Jensen, everything you think of with Deus Ex (you know, besides some Russian dudes waxing vague in a prison cell).

Welp, that's all for #CantKillProgress.  We got a flashy hypetastic trailer, big promises, and little to no explanation to what this 3-day teaser has to do with Mankind Divided.  Besides, you know, Prisoner having a bionic arm like Adam Jensen.

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Published Apr. 9th 2015

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