Destiny: Too Reliant on DLC?

Destiny seems to be relying a bit much on DLC. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

As we get closer and closer to the one year mark, Destiny has seen two DLC expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. These two expansions had added much-needed story, missions, weapons and more to "vanilla" Destiny. Although this has greatly pushed the game along, sadly it's not enough. And that begs the question: Is Destiny an all DLC game?

DLC Recap

Destiny is an amazing game, with great visuals and gameplay, interesting story and characters. But many players were disappointed with how short the game was and that they had to wait for the DLC to get more of the story. 

The Dark Below (released Dec. 9th, 2014) added two new strikes, three new Crucible maps, four new story missions, one new raid, and new weapons/armor. Despite the much-needed addition to the story and gameplay, this expansion was (for lack for a better word) a dud. The story missions were short, the new strikes were lackluster, the Crucible maps were hit or miss. The raid and weapons/armor, on the other hand, were not as bad as the rest of the expansion. Most wouldn't even call this an expansion, as it did not expand much on the game's story, just the gameplay  - and it barely did that. 

With this in mind, Bungie took their time to perfect and improve the next expansion, House of Wolves (released May 19th, 2015). House of Wolves added a large amount of content: five new story missions, one new strike, four new Crucible maps, four quests, new locations, two new social areas, a new Crucible event (Trials of Osiris) and much more. This is what an expansion should be, but is this what Destiny really needs? Yes and no.

Do We Need More DLC? 

This game has done very wellx and with the DLC, it is improving as time goes on. But this is a game that really should not have needed DLC. If this content had part of the game upon its original release, it would have been legendary. It seems that Bungie has a different take on things. Yes, DLC is great and all - it adds more to the game to keep players interested and playing longer. But players don't want to dish out $20 or $40 for a few more missions and shiny new guns. 

This fall, Destiny will have a new expansion named The Taken King. This is a true expansion, as it will add:

  • new sub-classes for each character
  • a new raid
  • new missions
  • new strikes
  • new online maps
  • etc.

As a fan of the game, I feel that The Dark Below should have been free because it was not a real expansion. While House of Wolves should have been about $10-$15, not $20, as it added more to the game - but not enough for the price. Like most players, I got the season pass, but that was still more money than it was worth. Destiny is doing its best to try to be an MMO RPG, but with this way of doing things, it might not be enough to keep us tied over until Destiny 2 comes out.

Now I ask you: is Destiny too reliant on DLC or is it doing just fine? Respond in the comments below!

Published Jun. 14th 2015
  • topher339
    I had so much hope for Destiny. What I thought was going to be a great game, maybe legendary one, was everything but great. When I buy a game for a good $60 I expect it to be complete, mostly at least. I think that you should never, ever, ever, have to buy DLC to complete a game. Most games don't do that but Destiny excelled at it. Had I known that it would require nearly as much as it originally had cost to make it complete, I would have never pre-ordered it. I had no intentions of spending $40 or more to complete an empty game that, to be honest, was falsely advertised to have an immersive story.

    All the DLC is what killed the game. So much hype had been built up and after only a month of release, it dropped off a cliff. Many people were bored with what they had and wanted much, much more. Most people I've talked to never cared too much about the multiplayer but longed for more story. As for me, I need a good campaign to keep me playing, at least where Destiny is concerned. I never got into the multiplayer, preferring Halo or CoD instead. I play foremost for the campaign, multiplayer second.

    That said, if what I've heard is true, I can't really fault them. What I've been told is that their lead plot developer had a contract that stated that, should he leave their employment before release of the game, his work would go with him. Apparently, he did leave, leaving Destiny with little to no content. What they gave upon release, was all they had the rights to. I don't know how much truth there is to that, I just hope it is true. I don't want the reason for all the DLC to be for MMO RPG type marketing or something Bungie thought would be a good idea.

    Anyway, there's my rant for the day.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    Destiny is basically JUST DLC with not that much in the base game, they had to release DLC. Which in itself is ok, if they spent a lot of the initial dev time making the tech. But... the issue comes with the price, and the content offered. Activision (as always) are charging FAR too much for nothing.

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