It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...Superchu?

Pokémon meet superheroes in an art roundup featuring BINS.

Back in 2012, an artist who goes by BINS started a beautiful thing – a mashup of Pokémon and some of comic book history's greatest superheroes/villains. Prepare yourself, because they're all gif'd up and ready to go!

Zubat & BatmanTorchic & the Human Torch


Snivy & Poison IvyLanturn & Green Lantern


Lairon & Iron Man Froslass & Emma Frost


Ariados & Black WidowChimchar & Harley Quinn



Kirlia & the JokerSkitty & Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)


Psyduck & PsylockeElectabuzz & Elektra
Woobat & Wonder Woman

Chimcharley Quinn was almost my favorite, but Psydocke is just so inherently badass. That hollow stare plastered on its face can't be beat. Besides, it need not read your mind; it can smell your fear.

Unfortunately, BINS hasn't added to the series since Wonder Woobat. I'm sure he could've come up with many more great mashups, but at least we have the ones he's already done. Don't forget to check out his other work!

(And a quick shout-out to pokemon-master on DeviantArt for the super header!)

How about you? Have you thought up any cool Pokémon / superhero mashups? Feel free to share your creations in the comment section below!

Published Jul. 12th 2015

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