ESO Dark Brotherhood DLC adds personalities feature

Elder Scrolls Online adds personalities feature to the game, in their new DLC Dark Brotherhood.

Elder Scrolls Online is putting out a new DLC May 31, called Dark Brotherhood. It will open up new content in which players can become assassins. Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited just announced that Dark Brotherhood will feature personalities.

In Dark Brotherhood, you will get your first personality of Assassin, by visiting the Gold Coast. ESO stated in their announcement, that personalities will change the way your character stands, walks, and handles emotes.

There will be other personalities that your character can get. You will be able to complete your character’s style, by utilizing costumes and gear to get that perfect look. Hats will also be added to the game with this DLC.

Dark Brotherhood will come out on May 31st for PC, but Xbox One and PS4 players will have to wait until June 14th. It will cost 2,000 crowns in the game store, or will be free to those who have an ESO Plus membership.


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Published May. 30th 2016

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