Ed Boons hints at two DC characters for Injustice 2

If you're a fan of the Teen Titans, you may have another reason to buy Injustice 2.

People who played Injustice: Gods Among Us, may have been a little disappointed when they found out that their favorite DC characters wouldn't make an appearance. Recently, however, the games director, Ed Boon, has dropped some hints for possible candidates for the upcoming sequel, Injustice 2. Keep in mind, that Boon is famous for trolling his fans, so fans shouldn't get their hopes up. However, that doesn't mean they should ignore Boon's hints, because they could very well be true.

Boon usually goes to Twitter to tease possible hints for his upcoming games, and this time, he decided to show us the results of a fan survey that favored a particular member of the Teen Titans: Starfire. Boon has taken note of this and will hopefully respond to the fans demands.

Another character he teased was the "black sheep" of the Batman family. Batman's second sidekick, or better known as Red Hood. Boon once again took to Twitter and asked fans which "Red Hood" they wanted to see more. The contest was between Jason Todd and The Joker, and the winner was... well, Jason Todd, because he's the current and only Red Hood at the moment. While Jason Todd won the survey, this could all be a joke for Boon, and fans may or may not see their favorite DC vigilante, or Teen Titan for that matter.

With these hints dropped by Boon, fans can only hope that he is listening to fans and will include these two great characters in the roster of Injustice 2.


Published Sep. 1st 2016

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