Leaked: Vita 2000 Coming to Europe/US, Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

It's no big surprise, but it seems the Vita 2000 is headed to the west.

The new PlayStation Vita 2000 model (which is slimmer and lighter) debuted in Japan. At the time, Sony said they had no plans to distribute the new unit in western regions.

Yeah, but nobody believed that. Recently, we've been hearing evidence that supports the idea of Vita 2000 in the west. The latest piece of evidence says in fact, the slimmer Vita will be announced tomorrow for Europe. This is according to a leaked ShopTo email (as found by Gimme Gimme Games):

Will it come with a price cut? We don't know, but it's a major sticking point for many consumers. Chances are, Sony will confirm the Vita 2000 for both Europe and the US, and they'll probably mention a price drop as well. The handheld hasn't been selling well and in order to save it, they'll need to make it more attractive.

To me, more attractive is more games. A lower price is always a good idea, though, even if it does mean losing that awesome OLED screen. The slimmer Vita features an LCD display, if you didn't know.

Will you pick up the Vita 2000?

Does all this make the portable more appealing to you? Have you been holding off because of the price? Do you see games in the future that you'll definitely want? It's tough to sell any game hardware when the software is lacking; maybe Sony should focus on that rather than the unit's design. It was pretty slick to begin with.

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Published Jan. 29th 2014
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    I might or might not get the Vita 2000. I only have a PSP for mobile platforming (besides my iPad Mini and smartphone), so I honestly think I'm long-due for an upgrade.

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