Evercade Release Date Pushed Back

The Evercade retro handheld console is delayed to a more general release window, but some might get theirs on time anyway.

We've been looking forward to Evercade's retro handheld console called, well, Evercade for a while now. And it looks like we might have to wait just a bit longer than expected, as the creators recently announced Evercade's release date was pushed back because of — you guessed it — COVID-19.

Instead of a May 22 release date, we've now got a more general release window of May 22 through June 5. The Evercade itself is finished and ready to go. The primary concern the company has is with actually getting it to you — similar to concerns Naughty Dog had over The Last of Us Part 2.

Evercade is basing the release window on how long it anticipates couriers will take to deliver the handheld. Depending on location and circumstances, some people might get theirs on time, and some may end up getting them later. Either way, Evercade said it doesn't want to impose release embargoes and expressed gratitude for both understanding the situation and continuing to stick by them.

In brighter news, Evercade also announced a new cartridge is being unveiled in May and an additional new cartridge announcement is coming for June, for a total of at least 14 cartridges during the Evercade's launch year. Since Evercade plans on featuring indie games on its cartridges, alongside retro classics, that's a lot of variety in store.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Evercade news as it develops.


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Published Apr. 24th 2020

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