Wolfenstein and Legacy of Kain Domains Now Registered

Speculation for new Legacy of Kain and Wolfenstein games abound as URLs are registered for both titles.

CSC Corporate Domains is a URL registration service that is used by big publishers like Square Enix to register domains before they decide to unveil a project to prevent URL squatting. It seems that some company, possibly SE themselves, have registered websites based on the Wolfenstein and Legacy of Kain franchises.

The Wolfenstein website is registered as "wolfenstein-spiel.com" and the Legacy of Kain is registered as "WarFornosGoth.com." The mysterious thing about these two domains is that it is not clear who registered them. It's quite possible that it was Square Enix themselves, since they use CSC, but that's not for certain.

I have not played a game from either of those series, although I have heard great things for both. If these series get new entries, it'd definitely give a new audience a chance to check them out. I know I'd definitely love to try out the Legacy of Kain series.

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Published Feb. 11th 2013

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