Injustice Battle Arena Quarterfinals Still Showing New Abilities

The Injustice Battle Arena quarterfinals actually do show off some abilities that the previous trailers haven't.

The Injustice: Gods Among Us battle arena trailers continue in their bracketed tournament format this week, with the quarterfinals pitting the Joker against Flash, Batman against Wonder Woman, Superman against Green Arrow, and Green Lantern against Aquaman.

Much to my own surprise, the new series of battle arena videos actually show off some capabilities of several of the characters that we haven't seen before, and certainly not to the extent they are displayed in the quarterfinals.

Joker shows a bit more of his melee combo capability while Flash demonstrates more clearly his ability to dodge projectiles and juggle.  Green Arrow shows a bit more of his ability to fight at range.  Aquaman juggles harder than we'd seen in his match against Cyborg as well as throwing his trident as a projectile, not seen in the previous battle arena trailer.  Wonder Woman switches her stance between the lasso and her sword/shield combo much more fluidly in the quarterfinals, showing some great combo potential.

Injustice keeps raising the excitement for its release.  We should have the semi-finals for their battle arena in two weeks.

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Published Mar. 18th 2013

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