Shoot Your Movie on Kickstarter!

Hollywood is now on Kickstarter

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster, a board game from Russia, was launched on Kickstarter. It is published by Hobby World company I'm working in. As it comes from Hollywood's name, the game is all about shooting movies. The theme of the Hollywood makes perfect sense!

In Hollywood you hire directors, actors and choose scenarios. There are lots of specialists to add to your movie: composers, casting specialists, stuntmen, fight choreographers, you name it! The best movie will get the “Movie of the Year” award.

Hollywood was funded in less than two days on Kickstarter, and first stretch goals are opened already. As it is stated on project's page, most of stretch goals are Kickstarter exclusive.

The campaign is going on. The game appeals for a wide audience, even not acquainted with board games, yet it is challenging and interesting for board games fans. Hollywood got a lot of very positive reviews from well-known board game critics, even from Tom Vasel, the famous guru of boardgaming. Here is a link to Tom Vasel's review on Youtube, it gives an excellent perspective to the game!

Hollywood was published in Russia in 2013 and instantly became a smash hit here. The company behind the game is Hobby World, as it was mentioned before. It is the largest Russian board game publisher and developer. As of now, Hobby World gave birth to 20 in-house developed board games, not counting game expansions.

Speaking about reasons for making this Kickstarter project, Hobby World proclaims that (taken from our project's FAQ on Kickstarter):

Our aim is to bring Hollywood to the international level. (...) This Kickstarter project is not about profit. It is about the game. We want you to enjoy Hollywood. We dream that Hollywood would become a great success with boardgamers and that it will be appreciated by as many players as possible. (...) That is why this Kickstarter campaign was launched!

The campaign will last until June 19. More information about the game can be found on Kickstarter's page.


Videogame journalist in the past, I moved to the boardgaming sphere two years ago. Nowadays I'm working in Hobby World company and got myself involved in some international activities, including Kickstarter. My favorite universe to put on top of a table is Arkham by FFG, my favorite music to smash someone's ears is heavy form of so-be-called heavy metal, and my favorite occupation is doing what I like. :)

Published May. 29th 2014

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