Racing for Rupees, a lighthearted Legend of Zelda animated short

Sit back and enjoy this clever little Legend of Zelda animated short

Let's tune into Hyrule folks. What that?! Oh no! Our hero's shield just disintegrated into ash, leaving a very broke Link shield-less. In a clever new short that was released earlier this week, Link goes through great measures to collect rupees for a new shield. 

Callegos Yavolitak produces animated shorts to his YouTube account every few months or so using Valve's Source Filmmaker. Whether it's featuring BioShock, Team Fortress 2, or PlanetSide 2, many of Yavolitak's shorts tend to be clever video game references. 

This month's short was dedicated to The Legend of Zelda. The crisp animation, familiar grunts and "HYAAHS" make this a huge treat for Legend of Zelda fans. The animated short adds a goofy persona to our beloved silent Hylian Hero. 

Whether it's smashing pots, playing mini games or completing side quests, nothing is getting in the way of Link. He really wants that shield. 

So sit back, relax and check out this little gem!

Published Jun. 12th 2015
  • torimor
    This video came out of nowhere but I am not complaining because it was hilarious!
  • Manisha Hossain
    So glad you enjoyed it! Check out his other videos, they're great :D
  • TheBlaksamuraiX
    That was hilarious! This guy is good!
  • Manisha Hossain
    he is! the animations were so well executed!
  • KungFro
    I love this video so much! It's just so beautifully animated and funny too. Priceless. xD
  • Manisha Hossain
    agreed! I got a huge kick out of it:D
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I just checked out his other work, this guy is pretty incredible! I didn't realize this quality of Source Filmmaker stuff was out there :o
  • Manisha Hossain
    All of his animations are so crisp and clean--the quality is totally ace. I'm definitely keeping an eye out on his future work!

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