Conan's Clueless Gamer - Super Bowl Edition Puts Competitors on a More Vicious Gridiron

What do you get when you combine professional football players and the blistering speed of For Honor's combat?

With Super Bowl Sunday only a few days away, what do you think Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons' defensive end Dwight Freeney are doing to prepare for the big game? If your answer was beating the digital crap out of each other in Ubisoft's upcoming brutal combat title, For Honor, then you'd be right on the money. 

Before his match with Freeney, Brady shows off his skills against O'Brien and the fact that Tom Brady really likes to win at whatever he's doing. After a few fun rounds the guys are joined by Rob Gronkowski and Legarrette Blount, tight end and running back respectively of the Patriots -- and let's not forget former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.  

Even though the release date for For Honor got pushed back a few weeks, the game as a whole looks to be everything that was promised and more. The open beta testing will kick off on February 9th, and the option for DLC season passes has been announced.

Stay tuned for more For Honor content as we get closer to the game's full release!


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Published Feb. 3rd 2017

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